[EAS] Feast of Fools

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! Come one, come all to Lyndhaven's 8th Feast of Fools to be held on Saturday, April 2, 2011 at the Lindsay Valley Lodge at CFB Gagetown (Oromocto, New Brunswick).

The day will start with a foolish tournament at the H12 drill hall starting at 12 noon. The drill hall is located between Oak and Yew streets, off of Tilley Avenue. The winner of the tournament will have the honour of being the Champion of Fools at the Fools Court. The marshal-in-charge for this tournament is Lord Aethelwulf Stealcere. Please send a note to Lord Aethelwulf to indicate your intention of fighting in the tourney. His email address is lordaethelwulf03@yahoo.com.

After the tourney, the day's festivities will continue at the Lindsay Valley Lodge. There will be foolish games, and the crowning of a king and/or queen of fools. After the Fools Court, there will be a potluck feast at 6:30 pm.

To determine who will be this year's king and/or queen of fools, we will be auctioning off the title(s) in a public auction on the Lyndhaven list. All of the proceeds for the winning bid as well as half of the proceeds of all of the losing bids will be donated to the Tir Mara Royal Travel Fund (TMRTF). The following rules apply to the auction:

  • All bids must be posted on the Lyndhaven list.
  • Nominated candidates must accept by posting to the Lyndhaven list.
  • The bidding ends at midnight on March 31st, ADT.
  • The entire amount of the winning bid and half of each losing bid will be collected and donated to the TMRTF.
  • Nominated candidates must be human.  :)

The winning king and/or queen of fools must preside over the tourney, sit in court, and eat at the head table for the feast. Other than that, whatever else they wish to do is entirely up to their foolish whims! Their reigns, though, will be short: they end at midnight.

The potluck will be an "organized potluck", with categories of dishes being filled until we have at least two dishes for all categories. Please send a description of your offering (beverage, bread & butter, soup, vegetable, meat, starch, or dessert) to Aotro Conogan at conoganmabrioc@yahoo.ca, and the potluck will be "organized" on the tirmara.org website.

The event fee is $5 for adults (14+), and $3 for children. The NMS will not be levied. All those 17 and younger must be accompanied by a legal guardian. This event is dry. No animals will be allowed except service animals. Please let the autocrat (Aotro Conogan) know ahead of time. Candles must be in
non-combustible containers. There is no pre-registration for this event, other than your intent to enter the tourney, your bid to be the king or queen of fools, and your offering for the potluck.

Yours in Service,
Aotro (Lord) Conogan mab Rioc, the Breton