Web Sale of Viking Artifacts Creates Controversy

Macomb Daily: An American company selling Viking artifacts from its website has caught the attention of Swedish officials. William Fagan is the proprietor of Faganarms, an antique armor and weapons company that sells items from its website. Recently some artifacts, including swords and knives dating to the 9th century, caught the attention of archaeologists in Sweden who question whether the items were pilfered from historic sites.

"We cannot for sure say that these artifacts have been pilfered, but I am pretty convinced that they come from a place called Vallstena on Gotland," said Christian Runeby, an archaeologist who oversees the collection and preservation of antiquities on the Baltic sea island of Gotland.

Fagan claims that the artifacts were purchased legally decades ago from an auction in London. "These items are ours to sell," he said. "But I pulled the Web site because we thought it was offending people. I don't need this hassle. I don't know what I'm going to do with this now."

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