[AET] Music and Dance Collegium

When the winter winds blow and the days are short and dreary, what better way to shake off the doldrums than to play or sing a cheery tune and merrily dance about?

The Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands invites one and all to a Music and Dance Collegium on May 7, 2011, at the Pittsburgh Chinese Church, 8711 Old Perry Highway, Pittsburgh, PA 15237. Activities shall begin at 11am, and the site shall close at 10pm. In addition to classes to enrich the soul, there shall be an all-day sideboard prepared by the skilled hands of Master Alastar Scott MacCrummin, and in the evening we shall put the day's efforts to use with a Ball.

Gentles who wish to teach should contact the Class Coordinators, Master Alaric MacConnal or Lord Pavel Dudoladov. Musicians wishing to play at the Ball can contact Lord Pavel.

Other questions can be directed to the Autocrats, Mistress Ts'vee'a bas Tseepora Levi or Lady Cynewyn Æthelweardesdohter. Reservations can be sent to Mistress Ts'vee'a.

Fees for the day shall be $15 per person, which includes entry to the days events and the all-day sideboard. There is no fee for children age 5 and under. Gentles aged 6-17 pay a discounted fee of $7 for the day. Make checks payable to "SCA Inc — BMDL." The Non-member surcharge of $5 must be collected, and may be either included with reservations or paid at the door.


From the North: Follow I-79 South to Exit 73, PA-910 Wexford. Turn left onto PA-910 E. Wexford/Bayne Road. Follow briefly (~0.2 miles) and turn right onto Brandt School Road. Brandt School Road changes names to W. Ingomar Road. After following both for approximately 3 miles, stay straight to go onto Highland Road.

** Follow ~0.7 miles, then turn left to stay on Highland Road. Follow Highland for ~1.2 miles and turn left into the parking lot, just before Highland Road runs into Old Perry Highway.

From the South: Follow I-79 North to Exit 68, Mt. Nebo Road. Turn right off the ramp onto Mt. Nebo and follow approximately 1.7 miles. Turn left onto Arndt Road. In less than a mile, you will turn left onto Reis Run Road. All of these follow the Yellow Belt and you might see small signs with a yellow dot. Follow Reis Run for approximately 2.4 miles and turn right onto Highland Road. Continue from ** above.

From the East: Take best route towards Pittsburgh, and get into Route 376 West. Follow Route 376 to Exit 72B, Blvd of the Allies. Follow Blvd of the Allies almost 1 mile, and get into the right-hand lane following the signs for I-579 North (Veteran’s Bridge). Cross over the Veteran’s Bridge and merge left onto I-279 North. Follow approximately 2.7 miles and take Exit 4, McKnight Road. Take the McKnight Road ramp. Follow McKnight 1.5 miles to the West View/Millvale turnoff. Follow the road to the right at the fork to get onto Babcock Blvd. Again go approximately 2.7 miles and turn left onto Three Degree Road. There will be signs for the Green Belt (a large green dot). Continue to follow Green Belt signs and take the first right onto Perry Highway/Rt-19. Follow approximately 1.2 miles. Just after Montclair Ave, you will turn left at Old Perry Highway. The site is the building just beyond the fork of Highland Rd. and Old Perry Highway.  Take the left fork onto Highland Rd, and parking will be the 2nd and 3rd driveway to your right.