Blacksmith Condemned by Investigative Reporting

WCBS-TV: Cheryl Fiandaca, a reporter for WCBS-TV in New York, has uncovered the "secret" of blacksmith Steven Licata of Garfield, N.J.: he makes weapons! WCBS reporter Cheryl Fiandaca is worried about the safety of residents of a quiet street in Garfield, N.J. The threat comes from the workshop of blacksmith Steven Licata who makes medieval weapons in his home for sale on the Internet, something Fiandaca seems to find very sinister.

"They are deadly weapons and advertised that way on the Internet," she writes. "Swords, sickles, axes and flails, the weapons of war from another time. But they are being manufactured and sold today, on a tree lined residential street in Garfield, New Jersey, and the neighbors are not happy."

Because of the report, Licata has been summoned to court to face charges of manufacturing and selling weapons from his home.

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Whatever shall we do to save our wives and daughters?

Imagine! A man who lives in a regular house, just like you and me, makes replica weapons using 500-year-old technology. How can we ever protect ourselves against such a menace?

Maybe we can drive a few blocks to the nearest gun store and buy a couple of semi-automatic assault rifles, perhaps?

I wonder how many of these neighbors who find battle axes and knives to be such a menace to their families, also keep loaded handguns in the nightstand in plain reach of their kids.


(Speaking for myself only, not for And before anyone accuses me of being anti-gun, I will point out that I am the owner of two firearms and come from a long family tradition of hunters. I'm not anti-gun, just a stickler for keeping them out of the hands of children.)

copy of response to Cheryl Fiandaca, investigative reporter.

The following has already been sent to Cheryl Fiandaca the investigative reporter responsible for this deplorable article

I find it difficult to express my contempt for your treatment of Steven Licata in your story on Weapons for Sale. How much research did you do? Did you look into his clientele? If you think his wares are some of the deadliest weapons available, the perhaps you might want to check the local pawn shops. I am certain that you will find a greater number of weapons designed to harm other beings, and from greater distances, than those found in the shed behind Mr. Licata

Jersey Mafiosi Flee in Terror!!

This is one of the worst pieces of reporting I have come across. If one guy making good quality art pieces in his shed is the biggest threat to public safety in New Jersey I have been seriously mislead by every other report I have seen on the place. Tony Soprano must be quivering in his boots.