[DRA] Double Wars XXIV

The Shire of Attemark would once again like to welcome all gentles throughout the Known World to the Double Wars.

As we have done so many times before we will meet upon the field of honor to do battle. It is again time to decide on which side we shall butter our knäckebröd for the coming year.

There will be classes covering many of the different subjects of our fair society. There will be revelry and tournaments as we look forward to days of battle for the joy of combat and days of peace for the pleasure of our senses as well as the joy of skills in the arts and sciences. We invite all merchants of the realm to participate at the market.
Tostarpsgårdens Lägerområde, Tyringe Sweden
PL 2883, SE-282 91 Tyringe www.tostarpsgarden.com
Site opens on Friday may 15 at 6 pm and closes at noon on Sunday May 24. Wet site. Pets are not allowed.

DSC_0092 DSC_0285 DSC_0569

Site Rules:

    * Minimum space between each tent is 4 meters.
    * No tents are allowed in the fire alleys marked by rope.
    * No Pets are allowed on site.
    * No cooking is allowed in the sleeping quarters
    * Due to request of the landowner's, fires on the ground or in pits are not allowed. However, there will be a prepared fireplace for mutual enjoyment.
    * The medieval camp should have a strict medieval appearance outside the tents.
    * Strict privacy applies to all tents and rooms. If not specially invited, please do not enter.
    * There will be a lost-and-found spot at the troll.
    * Some of us attending can't keep up with the heavy party dudes. Please respect that and try to keep your exuberance to the tavern and close vicinity.
    * One of the most burdening and distressing doings at Double Wars is the cleaning up. Not only during, but also afterwards. If you do not clean up your tent site or cot, we will bill you for this.
    * Car parking is only allowed in marked areas.
    * There is a smoking area behind the tavern next to the parking lot. This is the only place where smoking is allowed and please put the ashes and butts in the ashtray.
    * Please do not practice combat outside the designated areas. If you for some reason need extra space, please contact the event marshal.
    * Beyond the mentioned rules we will apply Swedish law and of course common sense.
    * Be nice and respect each other, do unto others what you would like others do unto you.

What to do:

During the event there will be plenty if time to do something else instead of spending all ten days in the camp. Some examples are shown below and a list of these and other happenings are to be found at the troll.

    * Hovdala castle – From the 1st of May Hovdala Castle is open for daily visits 11-17. Here you can have a meal at the restaurant or just a cup of coffee in the café. Guided tours in the castle costs 60 SEK – children under 12 years are free. All other dates you are welcome to experince the surroundings of the castle at no cost. Maximum ten minutes by car from the eventsite.
    * Skeinge stronghold – A couple of miles north of the site there is a unique eight-squared stronghold, the only one in Scandinavia. Rubber boots are preferable. Approximately 42 kilometers from the eventsite.
    * Gumlösa Church – The oldest building made of brick in the Nordic countries. It’s a church from the 12th century. Approximately 28km from the eventsite.
    * Sinclair Estate – A free guided tour will be held at the 17th century estate of Sinclair at Sinclairsholm 15:00. The estate is not far from Gumlösa Church (see above).

At the eventsite, there will be plenty of opportunities to take a walk in the beautiful surroundings. This year you can also borrow canoes for a tour in the lake of Finjasjön next to the site. Life jackets are required and are to be found with the canoes. For information - talk to troll.