[CAL] Crown Tournament and The Tournament of Horse and Falcons

The Barony of Forgotten Sea is proud to provide the venue as the Barony of Mag Mor hosts Calontir’s 56th Crown Tournament!

At the request of Their Majesties Anton and Isabeau, the 56th Crown Tournament will be held Saturday, May 28th, at the Tournament of Horse and Falcons!

Tournament of Horse and Falcons activities will continue throughout the weekend (May 27 – 30, 2011), following the completion of Crown Tourney.

Event Date:

May 27th – 30th. Site opens Friday at 5 pm, and closes Monday at noon.

Site Fees: Adults: $15; Ages 13 – 17: $10; Ages 12 & under: Free. Adult non-member surcharge: $5. Make checks payable to “SCA, Inc. - Barony of Forgotten Sea”.

There will be a Feast Saturday night, with seating for 60 people. Feast cost: $10

This event will feature Combat, Equestrian, and Archery activities on both Saturday and Sunday. We look forward to seeing you there!

Fighting Schedule:
Fighting activities on Saturday will include a Five-Man Melee Tourney and a Torchlight Tournament of Elegance, and on Sunday we will have the traditional “Tournament of Falcons”, a Round-Robin Melee Tourney.

Crown Tournament

Followed by:

Due to limited time allowed, please allow us to prioritize Sword and Shield authorizations first. Other authorization can be done as time allows or on Sunday morning.

5 Man Melee tournament

  • Any Weapon system, maximum limit of five fighters on the field per team.
  • Prize for winning team is exemption on Sunday to the team max limit.

Torchlight Tournament of "Elegance"

  • Mace Tournament
  • Limited to two-handed Mace, or Single handed mace and Buckler
  • Prize for winning is exemption to the Sunday team max limit.


9:00 AM - Any weapon system

Tournament of Falcons
This will be a Round Robin style Melee Tournament. 3 fights per round

  • One field battle, any weapon system.
  • One bridge battle, any weapon system.
  • One field battle, single sword only.

Fight until everyone is tired.

  • Points based teams Knight=4 pts,  Huscarl = 3 pts, Fyrd = 2 pts, Man-At-Arms = 1 pt
  • 10 point Max on teams (So yes, you can have Two Knights and a Fyrd, or 10 MAA)

The winners of the two Tournaments on Saturday are exempt from the 10 point Max (Free agents)

Equestrian Schedule:
Equestrian activities will include an Emprise, King’s Menagerie, and various games.
9:00 –10:00    Authorizations
10:00 – 12:00    Save the Princess
1:00 –  4:00    Emprise

10:00 –12:00    King's Menagerie
1:00 –  4:00    Various Games and such

Kelsey Short Youth Camp, 17980 Collins Rd, Smithville, MO 64809 (This is the Lilies War site.)

Directions to Site:

From Hwy 169 North of Smithville:

    * Turn East on Hwy W
    * Follow W around curve to Clyde’s Store at Paradise
    * Continue South on Camp Branch Road about one mile to Kelsey Short Youth Camp on your left.

 From I-35 North of KC:

    * Exit on Hwy 92 West
    * At Hwy E, turn North, follow road to Camp Branch Road
    * Cross the arm of the lake and continue North on Camp Branch
    * Look for Kelsey Short Youth Camp on the right.

From I-29:

    * Exit on Hwy 92, and go East on Hwy 92
    * Cross Hwy 169 at Smithville, continue East to Hwy E.
    * Turn North on Hwy E, follow road to Camp Branch Road
    * Cross the arm of the lake and continue North on Camp Branch
    * Look for Kelsey Short Youth Camp on the right.

Event Steward:
Lord Kamiizumi Hirotaro (Taro) Email: kamiizumi.hirotaro@gmail.com

Feast Steward:
Jehannette Mountjaux Email: ladyj0945@hotmail.com

Marshal In Charge:
Sir Gustav Jameson Email: gustavjameson@gmail.com

Equestrian Marshal In Charge:
Lady Diedre Stewart Email: cynthnsh@yahoo.com