[ART] Otherhill A&S Demo

Artisians and Gentles, Fighters and Scholars! Your attendance is requested at an event seldom seen in the outer marches of the fair Kingdom of Artemisia! The Shire of Otherhill will host an Arts & Sciences Demo/Competition and Fighter Practice on March 26, 2011.

Participants in the Arts & Sciences Demo/Competition are urged to bring items and research that they would  have NEVER undertaken nor considered if they hadn't known a member of the SCA or were not one themselves. The members of our fledgling College Household - The Shire of Otherhill Collegians will be in charge of the judging.

Fighters, what would a demo be without fighting?

We have plenty of space indoors in front of the skeletal remains of the last dragon that rampaged through Otherhill (the T-Rex),  or if the weather is nice even more space outside!

Dancers! We desperately need you to show our impressionable young Collegians that we're not all about sticks and armour.

Please come and help our seneschal, Herr Frideger, shake the dust off of his toes. He "can" dance, but alas, he can't teach.

From I-80 (The King's Highway), drive to Exit 103 (towards College Drive). If you're coming from the west, turn right onto College Drive.

If you're coming from the east, turn left onto College Drive.

Proceed south for 1 mile, past the Loaf and Jug, the Fire Department and even further past the traffic lights. Shortly after the traffic lights you will see the college campus. Turn into the campus and follow the friendly signs and we will dispatch hale and hearty young and old men to assist you in unloading your carriage!

(We will also have signage on the Interstate Exits.)

Seneschal of Otherhill