[LOC] Rapier Tournament and French Assassins Ball

Master Cormac and Mistress Elspeth have been selected by Their Majesties to be the first Baron and Baroness of Krae Glas. But disturbing rumours have reached us that not everybody is happy with this decision and there will be trouble at the ball.

Could it be that the unsuccessful candidates have nefarious plans?  Or perhaps the shadowy figures of the Assassins Guild fear that a united and content Barony will mean less work for them. Why is the Apothecary frantically gathering herbs known to be poison antidotes? Is there any truth in the tavern talk that the blacksmith has a secret commission to forge dozens of small daggers? Are Cormac and Elspeth in grave danger? Who knows what dastardly deeds could be done as the musicians play? There's only one way to find out: come to Krae Glas for the ball. Whose side will you be on?
Venue: Mt Waverley Youth Centre, 45 Miller Crescent, Mount Waverley (Melways 70E1; opposite the Mount Waverley train station)
Rapier Tournament from 2pm (inspection from 1.30pm) behind the hall. The winner and the highest placed rapier novice shall have the hazardous honour of acting as bodyguards to Cormac and Elspeth during the ball.
From 5.30pm, there will be a ball with a substantial supper of finger foods and fine cordials. Hall open from 1.30.

Bring:  your goblet/tankard/cup and if desired, a small dish for finger food.

Cost:  Newcomers (1st or 2nd SCA event) $17; Members $20; Non-members $22; Children aged 6 to 18 pay their age in dollars. Under 6: free.
Payment may be made by direct credit (email Yvonne for account details and your booking reference), cheque payable to "Society for Creative Anachronism Ltd Krae Glas" or cash.

* Please advise dietary restrictions.*
Bookings by 20 March to yvonne.plumetot@gmail.com