[WES] Rumble in the Jungle 2

Greetings to one and all! The Canton of Golden Playne would like to invite anyone who is interested to come join us the weekend after Songkran for the Tournament of the Tiger! This is the first three day event the Canton has thrown together, and there should be lots of fun, fighting, and feasting.

Rumble in the Jungle 2: Tournament of the Tiger
The Canton of Golden Playne

Time : April. 15-16-17, 2011
Location : Samut-songkram, Ampawa, Thailand, Homestay site
Site fee - 100?

Autocrat: Lord Leonardo Phenix
phoenix_meow@hotmail.com, leonardophenix (SKYPE).

In the jungle of Golden Playne it's time for cubs to rise and roar! But know that the jungle of Golden Playne needs only brave, mighty, and valorous Tigers!

Come! We call unto all authorized Heavy Fighters of Golden Playne and any of those Heavy Fighters who can travel from their home and Anyone who wishes joy to come witness. Join us at Lord Phenix's not-so-secret Camp site. The Tigers will be Chosen from the triple tournaments: the first will be the Test of Courage which all Combatants must fight with Polearms only. The second will be the test of Spirits, the fighter must fight with one sword over the Barrier to 5-counted blows, or yield. The third will be the Test of Valour. The Fighters choose the weapon of their choice and challenge other Fighters! The more fighters you challenge the more points you score!

We will also have classes such as Heraldry Class, Armour Study, Heavy Combat practice, Dance, cooking, and at the end of each day we will eat a Dinner of the Tigers and gather round the camp fire.

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