[ART] Spring Feast

The Barony of Sentinels' Keep wishes to invite you to attend our celebration of the end of Winter — Spring Feast! In true form with putting the cold snowy hearth-trapped days behind us we will be hosting tournaments in all areas of SCA activities!

First off, we have Archery and Armored competitions in the morning — the prizes are many, but not a one for the fighter or archer (except the esteem of those around you) — you see, the prizes will be the very flowers of spring that will be gifted to those whom the victor of each round wishes and will be delivered by the defeated.

Secondly, our Baronial Arts & Sciences and Baronial Rapier championships will be held early in the afternoon! The Baronial Championship competitions are open to all and any may win the prize, but only the highest placing member of the Barony or one who resides within the lands protected by the Crane's wing (Montana) may win Champion. For A&S the prize will be a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble, for Rapier it will be a 40" Alchem spare blade. For A&S entry details see the Baronial website as a minimum number and category of entries is required to try for champion.

The Baronial Arts and Sciences Championship is being held on March 12 as part of Spring Feast event. Everyone living in Artemisia is welcome to enter, however, to be named Champion you must live within the northern reaches of Artemisia.

The following criteria to be named Champion must be followed:

   1. You must be a member of the SCA residing within the northern reaches of Artemisia (Montana).
   2. You must enter a minimum of 4 items with a maximum of 6 items.
   3. Your entries must include at least 2 different Grand categories.
   4. Each item must have its own documentation that is at least one page long.
   5. Each person's 4 highest scores (including items from 2 Grand categories) will be added together. The person with the highest total will be named Champion.

If you go to the Kingdom's Arts and Sciences page, you will find the list of Grand and sub-categories and the judging criteria. The Barony of Sentinels' Keep follows the Kingdom's judging rules and criteria.

And don't forget, we will be holding our second annual Codepiece competition. All entries must be family-friendly and include the necessary strapping. Baron Antoine will wear the winning entry at evening Court.

Note: Proof of membership is REQUIRED for all tournaments.

Lastly, there will be two official Baronial fundraisers taking place. The first will be the Codpiece of Unusual Construction Competition! The Baron once swore off codpieces, but at this event alone will be held a competition to determine which codpiece he will wear for evening court and feast! The prize will be seeing your creation on the Baron :) Rules: Must be "G" rated (think of the children!) and it must have appropriate strapping. So bring your codpiece and let the joyous laughter begin! The second fundraiser is our annual live auction to be held after feast. If you have any items laying around you wish to donate, please bring them and we'll make sure they go away to another home.

A lunch will be available for the low cost of $4 per person while it lasts. Feast will be a potluck with a cost of $5 per person with a $5 discount if you bring a potluck dish. (Personally, I would much rather sample the labors of your kitchen than expand the Baronial coffers, but the option is open to you.)

Site Notes: The site is VERY Discreetly Damp. Non-period open containers are not permitted. No pets. Service animals allowed only with proper paperwork. No spurs or armor on the wood floors please!

Site Fee: Adults $6.00; Children (6-12) $4.00; Children under 6 are guests of the Barony. The Non-member surcharge of $5 will apply to any who cannot show proof of current membership.

Feast Fee: As above, $5.00 per person with a $5.00 discount for each dish brought for the potluck (so bring a dish to share and eat free).

Lunch Fee: $4.00 per person while it lasts.

Site: Desmet Elementary — 6355 Padre Ln. Missoula, MT Site opens at 9am and closes by 10 pm.

Directions: Those coming in on I90 — Take Airway Blvd Exit 99 and turn South. Turn right on Expressway. Turn right just past the ballfields at Desmet School. Those coming from the south of Missoula on Hwy 93 should turn left off Reserve street at Expressway and follow it to the ballfields.

Further updates will be posted here as they become available.

Event Steward: Baron Antoine de Bueil
Lunch Steward and Potluck Coordinator: HE Judith of Sherborn
A&S Competition Coordinator: Dame Annys of Pengwyrn
Rapier Marshal: Baron Antoine de Bueil