[EAS] King Lucan VIII and Queen Jana V Coronation

Come one, come all and join the Barony of the Bridge at this most magnificent occasion when the East Kingdom will celebrate the passing of the Crown to Lucan VIII & Jana V.

This is indeed a day to be honored far and wide across the farthest reaches of our noble land as we bid a heavy hearted adieu to our dear departing royalty King Gryffith II and Queen Aikaterine II.

But behold upon the horizon we see our new Majesties King Lucan VIII and Queen Jana V who will lead us to victory for Pennsic 40 War and for that we will have the most joyous celebration!!

This grand celebration will take place in a St Ann's Roman Catholic Church building that was built in the early 20th century and seats 800. This amazing location which has since been turned into a Cultural center, exhibits a modern French Renaissance style, the building exhibits all of the rich classical details of Romanesque architecture. It has over 40 stained glass windows, designed and produced by French artists. The interior walls, vaults, and ceilings of the church are completely covered in fresco paintings, in the style made famous by Michelangelo and Raphael. In many ways, the themes and extent of the paintings are reminiscent of those in the Sistine Chapel in Rome. http://stannartsctr.org/default.aspx also available on Facebook.

During the day those who wish to partake in a wonderful day board provided by Casa do Buraco will be able to do so in the lower hall, which also provides plenty of room for gaming and socializing.  Also in the lower hall there will be a cake contest sponsored by Her Majesty Queen Jana V (details below).

Should April bring its warm weather a demo area will be set up outside to encourage those who may be interested to partake in what we all love to do, A&S displays are encouraged.

Please dress warmly for temperatures inside the hall average about 60 degrees at this time of year (depending on the outside weather).  The lower hall is 65-68 and should be comfortable.
Schedule will be coming soon


HRH Jana is extremely pleased to announce that there will be a Sculpted Cake Decorating Contest at Coronation.  The Theme of the "Let Them Eat Cake" contest is "Medieval".  Prizes for "Historically Accurate" and "Most Fun" will be awarded.

Official Contest Rules & Entry Information:

1.The theme for the Sculpted Cake Decorating Contest is "Medieval" and is open to artistic interpretation.

2.Pre-register with Mistress Michel Almond de Champagne at michel1492@yahoo.com (so she can allocate table space appropriately).  Please let her know if you would like to donate the cake to the feast or take it home with you after the contest (again to allocate table space appropriately).

3.Contestants must include a brief description of the cake's design and list all ingredients.  Contestants should also be able to explain their design / assembly and be willing to answer questions.  *Special note; documentation needs to be provided for the “Historically Accurate” category.  This may be provided ahead of time to Mistress Michel michel1492@yahoo.com (No documentation is needed for the “most fun” category.)

4.Participants should plan to have their entries onsite and finished for judging by 5pm.

5.Contestants will need to show that they can move their creations from their work table to a designated display table.

6.Contestants are allowed helpers if needed.

7.The Cake can be any shape and any number of layers and flavors.  Height requirements are a minimum of two feet and a maximum of four feet.  REMEMBER:  this is open to interpretation...use your imagination to make it two feet, does not mean JUST cake of two feet in height.

8.One finalist will be chosen from the “Historically Accurate” category and one finalist will be chosen from the “Most fun” category.

9.The winners of this contest will be recognized as “Royal Bakers to the throne” for the duration of the reign of Lucan VIII & Jana V.

10.The winners will be announced during the feast.

11.Cakes will be judged on:  artistic expression and be given extra consideration related to theme; originality; technique; eye appeal.  Failure to meet the height requirements or the designated transportation test, will lead to automatic disqualification.

12.This contest is open to everyone.

13.All decisions of the judging panel are final

14.One entry per person/team.

15.Have fun and good luck!
Site Opens: 10:00 am
Site Closes: 10:00 pm

Event Website: http://www.facebook.com/pages/King-Lucan-VIII-Queen-Jana-V-Coronation/16...
Event Location   
St. Ann Arts & Cultural Center
84 Cumberland Street
Woonsocket,, RI  02895


This parking is available in the parking lots of the Plaza Center Building on the corner of Cumberland and Clinton Streets and across the street from the Center at Fournier & Fournier.  Please observe and respect all parking signage.

Note:  Do not park in the apartment complex lot next to the Center on Gaulin Avenue.  As posted there, unauthorized cars will be towed.  Spaces there are intended for residents only.

Best way to get directions for your location is to mapquest or google the location.

Event Fees   

The prices below are for members who have a $5.00 discount per adult.  Should you not be an active member of the SCA please add $5.00 per adult admission.

For pre reg:
Adult Site fee:  $10 Feast fee:  $8.00 Total = $18
17-10 Site fee:  $8 Feast fee:  $7.00 Total = $15
9-5 Site fee:  $6 Feast fee:  $6.00 Total = $12

At the door
Adult Site fee:  $12 Feast fee:  $9.00 Total = $21
17-10 Site fee:  $10 Feast fee:  $8.00 Total = $18
9-5 Site fee:  $8 Feast fee:  $7.00 Total = $15

Payable:  Sca Inc – Barony of the Bridge

Feast: UPDATE:  2/7/2011 FEAST IS BACK ON!!!

For menu questions, please contact:
Dom Coelho do Buraco at voxcar@cox.net

Contact Information   
Event Steward:
Aine O'Tuathail

For all inquires and questions please contact me directly at aineotuathail@hotmail.com.

Anna Dauzzano da Siracusa (Set design)
Zoe Von Drachenklaue (Hotel Contact)
Vargus Ulfr (Feast & dayboard contact (non menu items only).

Other Contact Information:
Local Hotel:  http://www.hiexpress.com/hotels/us/en/woonsocket/wskri/hoteldetail?hotel...

We were not able to secure a special rate for the SCA but they do AAA and other special discounts.

Anna our Set Design extraordinaire is encouraging Byzantine dress for those would like to add to the Byzantine atmosphere at Coronation (though please understand it is not required).  If you need any information please contact her, she did a wonderful class at Birka regarding this matter.

During the day we will also be having dance practice in the hall, merchants, A & S display as well as the cake contest.

Limited merchant space available, fee is $25 per spot.  If you are interested in merchanting at this event please contact Aine at aineotuathail@hotmail.com and let me know what size area you will need.

There will also be tables set up in the hall during the day to play games or socialize.

We will also be doing a small A & S display if you wish to bring your project to display please feel free to do so.  Space is limited so it will be a first come, first served kind of thing.