Great Gotemba Tourney

In the tradition of the medieval tournaments, Castle Tintagel is organizing a medieval festival that will provide fun for all. For the fighters, there will be one on one tournments, melees, and even a fighting at night under the stars.

There will be both armoured andunarmoured competitions. Additional cultural activities open for all will include dancing, costume classes, and games. Come and relive the spirit of chivalry at Gotemba!

The Great Gotemba Tourney: A medieval tournament in modern times
Friday, April 8 at 6:00pm - April 10 at 4:00pm

Gotemba Kogen Resort
Castle Tintagel (Mejiro, Tokyo)

~~A Medieval Festival in Modern Japan~~

Site Fee: 500 yen
The site fee is per family and for those who wish to be spectators and shoppers only.

Activity Pass to participate in any and all of the events other than Tintagel classes and feasts:
2,000 yen per person (if you register before March 20)
3,000 yen per person (if you register from March 21)

The Activity pass includes the site fee.

Tintagel culture classes
Admission: 2,500 yen / one class

** Tintagel Student: Free

Lodge Rooms charge (amount varies by * one-room occupancy. Rates are approximate.)
Lodge up to 5 persons 6,000 yen - 11,500 yen / person (including breakfast and hot spring bathing fee)
* 3 / 21 and later when you apply: 6.500 yen to 12,000 yen

Teepee (tent) for up to six people 6,000 yen / 1 Teepee (including Admission *mattress & spa)

* 3 / 21 and later when you apply: 7,000 yen / 1 Teepee

No, the teepees are not medieval, but they are cheap and they are right on the event site!

~ ~ Shop and Group Space~~
If your group or business would like a stall at a resort during the event for private activities or to see historically related goods, Castle Tintagel is providing space and permission to do business. The venue, Gotemba Kogen Resort, is a site with a large number of guests, particularly on the weekends. The main event site for will be in the middle of the guest resort area.

If you are interested, please contact Castle Tintagel at

Basic Group Space
- Details
opening space (3m × 3m)
opening fee: 2 days ( 4 / 9, 10 ), 5,000 yen (* 3 / 21 if you apply after: 6,000 yen)
* Admission is free for one person.
(Although it is permissible to use plastic sheeting for a ground cover in your space, it is required that such simple shops cover the sheeting with blankets or rugs to help the event maintain its atmosphere.)

Tent Rentals (3m × 3m) for Shop and Group spaces
Rental fee: 6,000 yen / day (* 3 / 21 if you apply after: 7,000 yen)
11,000 yen / 2 days (* 3 / 21 if you apply after: 12,000 yen)
※ 1 table and chairs for two guests, included

Qualifications: thank you to wear your medieval costumes for the mood of the event.

High-speed Bus
Using Gotenba Hakone Highway Bus out of Shinjuku Station

to free hotel shuttle bus
Shuttle bus schedule: Http://

Contact or Inquiry:
Please call on 080-36908657 or email to