London eatery goes medieval

Visitors to London may want to stop for a bite in Heston Blumenthal's new restaurant, Dinner, which features a menu "dating back 700 years." The eatery is located in the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, Knightsbridge.

Award-winning chef, Blumenthal, doesn't want people to think that the restaurant is "historical British." "If I call it that, people will think of thigh slapping, wenches and flagons of ale," he said. Instead, the menu will be inspired by recipes from the Middle Ages, Tudor, Stuart and Georgian eras, featuring a "medieval-style meat spit operated by a clockwork mechanism designed by Swiss watchmakers Ebell."

So, what's wrong with that?

"Thigh slapping, wenches, and flagons of ale"...  Sounds pretty good to me, and reminds me of Pennsic. ;-)



Maybe he is actually going for historical accuracy instead of fun.  Although, he should definitely include the ale.  Come to think of it, a good looking wench would probably be a good public relations move.  :-)



I was kidding :-)

I applaud his accuracy; my joke was (perhaps unclearly) aimed at the parallel between SCA events and the popular concept of the Middle Ages feast, not really at his establishment. We are probably closer, at most of our events, to the popular concept than to the authentic, but in the SCA's defense I will say that we know where we differ from history and are doing it as a conscious choice rather than out of ignorance. We create the Middle Ages as they should have been while studying the Middle Ages as they really were.