[WES] Westermark’s Feast of St. George

Here there be Dragons (Well there where, until...)!  With the wise council of St. George, the noble hunters of the Westermark tracked down and vanquished the dire beasty that had been terrorizing our dear vast forests, friends, comrades, small children, and stuffed animals...

Come feast with us in celebration of this heroic deed.  Removes will start at one end of the dragon and end at the other!

Table decorations in keeping with St George and the Dragon are highly encouraged!  There will be a most special prize for the most inspired table decoration.  There will be a game of "chance" to play during the feasting as well - dare you play with your very "lives" wink, wink?
Removes will start being served at 5:00 PM.
$20 + NMS.  Attendance is by ticket only; No off board seating.
Tickets are available for sale by contacting the autocrat or by contacting a Westermark representative at these following events: WhiteShield, Falcon's Treaty, March Crown, Fabulous Pas D'armes,.

Site information: 

St Andrews Lutheran Church.  1501 South El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA  94402. There is a small parking lot on site.  Street parking is available, and parking in the bank lot across the street is ok.  This is a discreetly wet site. No open flame permitted. 

Site opens at 3:00 PM and closes at 9:00 PM.  Please contact www.thewestermark.org, or www.westermarkwiki for detail updates.
Please feel free to contact the autocrat with any questions. 
Autocrat:  Ida Kniepinwirtin donanelloja@yahoo.com