[EAS] Feste de l'Investiture XI

The Barony of Havre des Glaces is happy to celebrate its XIth anniversary with all the populace of the Kingdom and of the Crown Principality of Tir Mara.

In the year XXXIV, King Lucan and Queen Marieke elevated a new barony within the mighty Kingdom of the East. Now is the occasion for us to celebrate this event with Their Excellencies Arthur and Shadiyah.


A fencing tournament will be held on this day and will culminate with the selection of the new Baronial Fencing Champion. Participation by visitors from outside the Barony will be welcome. Who amongst our valorous fencers shall win this title?

Fighters will not be ignored, and will be able to practice their skills outdoors, provided lady nature cooperates. Come in great numbers to cheer them!

A class will be held by Magister Godfroy de Falaise, named "All that you've ever wanted to know about the SCA and never dared to ask".

An illumination class shall be held by Her Excellency Shadiyah al-Zahra'.

Their Excellencies of Havre des Glaces shall hold Court at the end of the day.

It is also at this occasion that the Décoration des Glaces will be awarded to the member of the Barony that distinguished him- or herself during the last year. You can send your vote to our good seneschal, Lady Maire inghean ui Mheardha (Meara), at the following address: senechal@havredesglaces.eastkingdom.org


The feast will follow the format of a planned and organized pot luck. In this format, each of the participants will bring a dish. The dishes are then grouped in removes and then shared by the participants. Bread and honey butter will be included.

The parameters will be the following. Each person brings a dish worth about $7 to $8, which can be divided in at least 6 portions. (Examples: a roasted chicken, a soup, or some cheese.) Gentles are encouraged to form groups if they wish to prepare a larger dish to serve more people. (For example, 3
gentles can group together to prepare a soup that will serve 30 people.) All food must be cooked already, but can be re-heated at the site.

To ensure that the feast will proceed well and to avoid an over-abundance of a single kind of dish while there is a lack of another, planning of the pot luck will be done by His Excellency Arthur de Beaumont. Please contact him as soon as you are reserved, at the following address: baron@havredesglaces.eastkingdom.org

Please inform us in advance if you have food allergies, so that necessary accomodations can be planned.


Opens 12.00
Closes 23.00

Local Scouts du Château d'Eau
29, rue du Golf
Loretteville (Québec), Qc, G2A 1G1

Directions on Google Maps :

Cost : 15$ CDN/US
Note that the only valid inscription is a paid inscription.
A surcharge of 5$ applies to non-members of the SCA inc.
Please make your cheques to « SCA-Havre des Glaces ».
Deadline for reservations, Saturday, March 19th.

For all questions, contact the event stewart,
Magister Godfroy de Falaise