Outlands A&S entries at Estrella War XXVII

Lijsbet, of the Kingdom of the Outlands, reports that she has created a small album of photos from the A&S Competition at Estrella War XXVII. The photos are available on Photobucket.

The album includes shots of such projects as banners, woven cloth, and carved children's toys.


This article also contains pop-ups about condoms and dating sites.


Please confirm?

I deliberately disabled my ad-blocking software and went to the site, and although I do see ads they are for tires and some kind of nonprofit nature conservancy. Could one of our other readers please check this link and see if you are getting the spam ads, or just innocuous ads that are typical of commercial sites?

Photobucket is a reputable site, generally speaking, so I am wondering if your PC may be infected with malware that's causing ads to pop up that aren't actually on the site where they appear to be. There are known malware payloads that do this.

I'll await word from anyone who can help with more information or more test results from the page in question. Thanks.


Re-visited link, different ads


I re-visited the site and saw different ads, so as I suspected they are apparently rotating banners. This time they were for eBay and a (reputable) pharmaceutical company; again no adult-oriented material. Could you please try refreshing your view on that page to see if the ads change? It's possible there are a small portion of that type of ad amidst a large population of non-adult ads, and you just got unlucky. I refreshed several times with no adult-oriented ads yet. I'm not disputing your report at all, just trying to see if it's really that web site or if you might have a malware issue on the PC.

Kind regards,