[MID] Three Saints and the Coronation of Arch and Runa

Three Saints and the Coronation of Arch and Runa, Constellation Regional Arts & Sciences Competition, Kingdom War Practice April 16, 2011 8:30 am - 11:00 pm

Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds
3150 Sagamore Parkway South, Lafayette, Indiana

Site opens at 8:30 am, closes at 11pm. This is a DRY site and all buildings are non-smoking.  Buildings are handicap-accessible, but the grounds are not the most wheelchair friendly (grass, with gravel road running between buildings).

Autocrat: Leonie

Site Fees:
$8 per person, plus $5 non-member surcharge
$12 Feast

Godfather (merchant liaison): Master Sigulf Karlnar

Merchant Fee:
None. We have limited indoor space available; please prepare for an outdoor setup, just in case.  Merchants must furnish your own tables and chairs. If you tell us that you plan on coming, we will include your information on this event site, so your customers can find you!

Kingdom Rapier Champions Tourney
Kingdom War Practice

We regret that there will be no archery or thrown weapons on site this year
We regret that there will be no equestrian on site this year.

A&S activities:
Constellation Regional A&S


Children's activities:

Youth Rapier and Boffer
Their Highnesses have requested that there be both youth rapier and youth boffer fighting onsite.  Youth-authorized marshalls are needed for both activities.  If you are interested in marshalling for our kingdom's youth, please contact the autocrat as soon as possible.

Children's "Name the Dragon" contest
Their Royal Highnesses have acquired a pet dragon, who will travel with them to events and keep their Courts clear of evildoers.  We have not been informed whether the dragon is male or female, but he/she/it needs a name.  Kids - your duties are clear.

In accordance with SCA policy, event site rules, and state law, parents are responsible for the supervision of your children, both in and out of the children's area.  Please keep your kids safe from harm, and your fellow SCAdians safe from headache.

Lunch hosted by the Medieval Society of Purdue, our student-run counterpart.