More Details on the Recent Insula Draconis Viceroy Tourney

Genevieve la flechiere, Royal Herald, has provided many more details on the recent Viceroy Tourney in Insula Draconis. Greetings from Genevieve,

This past weekend six couples entered the lists for the second viceroy tourney of Insulae Draconis:

* Sir Michael die Zauberzunge and Lady Moira
* Master Sigmundr and Lady Sagadis
* HLord Thomas Flamanc and Lady Siban
* Lord Richard the Rampant and Lady Gytha
* Lord Leifr and Lady Mariella
* Lord Torkil Mor and Lady Estrid

In a round robin tourney in damp conditions, Sir Michael (pronounced Mee-KAI-el, to help distinguish him from Sir Michael de Brad) won all his bouts, and met Lord Leifr (who IIRC had lost only to Sir Michael) in best-two-of-three finals.

In their bout in the round robin, the two finalists had double-killed twice, so they were closely matched, and the populace were keen to see them fight again.

However, clearly Sir Michael had girded himself for the final and he won two short bouts back to back for a decisive tournament win.

Sir Michael de Brad and Duchessa Allessandre Melusine, in witness of Queen Signy, passed on their chains and cloaks of office on the field, and named them as their successors.

The queen later accepted Michael and Moira's fealty in court, and invited them to sit with her at her side.

Aside from a fine display of fighting, the field was brightened by the first of the three Insulae Draconis banners commissioned by the first Viceroy and Vicereine. This war banner was made by Lady Marina Olganova's careful hand, and the light silk flutters in the slightest breeze.

At court, Master Sigmundr and several other men led the populace in a rousing war song, to send off the small but determined forces of Insulae Draconis to Double Wars later this week.

For those who may not know Michael and Moira: they are a couple who moved to West Dragonshire last year from their former homeland of AEtenveldt.

Sir Michael was prince of the Outlands some years ago, before the Outlands became a kingdom. Lady Moira is a wise and capable lady, and a skilled weaver and spinner.

They, together with Sir Michael's squire Brian, will be attending Double Wars next week.


Genevieve la flechiere
royal herald