Siege Cooking at Lilies War

A cooking competition has been planned for the upcoming Lilies War, which will take place June 11-20, 2004, at Smithville Lake, MO. The theme centers around cooking during the medieval siege of a manor. Kateryn de Develyn writes:

Siege Cooking Competition at Lilies War

The Senario: You have been besieged for two months in your manor. Your supplies are getting very low. Your fearless leader has decided to invite the opposition leader and two of his companions to parley. You must stretch your cooking skills to the limit to give the impression you have lots of food left and can hold out for as long as necessary.

Each team gets a box containing the same basic ingredients (Total weight approx. 10 lbs). You will receive the list of ingredients (but not the exact quantity of each item) in the box when you have paid your registration fee.

Then, each group may add (optional-your team does not have to add any of it, or may just add one of the following items or a few or all) to their box:
* A maximum of two fresh herbs/spices (unlimited)
* A maximum of three dried herbs/spices (limited to 1/2 ounce each)
* One fresh fruit OR above-ground vegetable - limit 2 pounds
* One root vegetable - limit 3 pounds

Teams collect their ingredient boxes at the A&S tents Monday, June 14, 2004 at 9 am. If permitted - we will have a single firepit in the A&S area with individual troughs/arms for teams to use for their cooking.

I will bring charcoal for the firepit. Or, if we have a few volunteers to collect some of the deadfall from the woods for a fire - we can use a the wood for our fire. In the event we are not allowed to have a fire - teams will bring campstoves to the central A&S area. Cooking will take place in the A&S area.

If you are participating - you may start setting up your kitchen earlier than 9 am. We will have a brief meeting of the team leaders at 9 am to determine order of judging/start times.

Depending on the lineup(determined by the team leaders before you start cooking) - you will present your feast to the judges 2 &