Draco and Serena New Heirs to Lochac

Draco of Jorvik, fighting for Serena of Black Ness, was victorious in Lochac's Fall Crown Tournament. Karl Faustus von Aachen (AKA Fruitbat) reported on the Kingdom of Lochac list that Draco of Jorvik was victorious in the recent Lochac Crown Tourney. Others in the final rounds were Baron Gwynfor Lwyd and Baron Blaeney.

It was also reported that the Wreath of Valour went to Ianto van Diemen and the Wreath of Chivalry to Stephen Aldred.

Photos taken by Rodri from the Crown Tournament may be viewed by clicking on the header above.

Congratulations to all the combatants and to the new Heirs to Lochac Draco and Serena!