SCA President Addresses International Aspects of Nonmember Surcharge

In a message to the SCA Announcements list, Her Excellency Baronessa Francesca di Pavia, President, SCA Inc., addressed the issue of the Non-Member Surcharge outside of the United States. Baronessa Francesca wrote:

"Unto the esteemed members of the Society, greetings:

Much misinformation has been circulating about the Non-Member Surcharge as it applies outside of the United States. I hope I can clear up some misconceptions and set the record straight.

As everyone is aware, the Non-Member Surcharge, which will go into effect on January 1, 2003, is $3.00 US. However, everyone is also aware that the value of the US dollar fluctuates in relation to other currencies. Clearly this poses a problem for event autocrats and attendees as well as exchequers. Therefore, International non-member surcharge rates have been established. We recognize that the exchange rates will fluctuate, and shall accept the consequences of that fluctuation.

The International Non-Member rates are:

In Europe: 3 Euros
In Canada: CND $4

For rates in other countries, please consult with the Treasurer of the SCA Inc., Tom Bilodeau (Master Tirloch of Tallaght).

At its October meeting, the Board was presented with and accepted the following default implementation recommendation from the SCA Treasurer and the Society Seneschal:

* Each Kingdom will collect the NMS and forward monies in US funds to the Corporate office on a quarterly basis.

* The Kingdom Seneschal and Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer will be responsible for ensuring compliance.

Implementation alternatives may be presented to, and approved by, the Society Seneschal and Treasurer of the SCA, Inc. Final approval of alternatives will be reviewed by the Board.

What does this mean for international branches? First, the local groups will forward the non-member surcharges collected to the Kingdom Exchequer, who will collect the funds and forward them to the US on a quarterly basis. Only then do the funds need to be converted to US Dollars. The conversion fee may be taken out of the money to be sent to the SCA Corporate office, so neither the Kingdom nor any local group needs to absorb the cost of currency conversion. The Kingdom may work out internally how the funds shall be transferred from the local group to the Kingdom treasury. Should the Kingdom feel another arrangement, such as a different collection period other than quarterly, is more appropriate, they may work with the Society Seneschal and the Treasurer of the SCA to work out a more agreeable arrangement.

I hope this information is helpful in understanding the implementation of the Non-Member Surcharge.

Sincere regards,

Meg Baron (Baronessa Francesca di Pavia)
President, SCA Inc.
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Reprinted with permission.