Updated List of Board Nominees

The Board of Directors of the SCA recently released an updated list of nominees. Comments from populace members are being solicited on those who know and have worked with any of these individuals.

Alan Andrist (Alanus of Bunghea) An Tir 1/06
Keith Bates (Viscount Sir Connor McEldredge) Meridies 7/04
Tobi Beck (Duchess Elina of Beckenham) West 7/04
Anthony Bellettini (Lord Duncan Stewart) East 7/04
Tom Bilodeau (Baron Tirloch of Tallaght, OP) Atlantia 1/06
David Carswell (THL Erick of Longacres) Ealdormere 1/06
Lee Cockerham (Sir Kief av Kiersted) Ansteorra 7/05
Susan Earley (Maestra Margherita Alessia) Middle 1/05
David J. fitzGerald (Sir Gerald Thomas fitzGerald an Roghaire) Artemisia 7/05
Cliff Frick (Dux Darius Corvinus Equis) An Tir 1/06
Frederick Hollander (Duke Frederick of Holland) West 1/05
Thomas Hughes (Sean O'Shaughnessy) Middle 7/04
David James (Kwelland-Njal Kollskeggsson) Atlantia 1/06
Elaine Koogler (Minowara Kiritsubo no Ason) Atlantia 7/04
John Krausch (Duke Sir Tjorkill Kanne) An Tir 7/04
Leslie Luther-Fulton (Countess Jane Falada of Englewood) Meridies 1/06
Burke McCrory (Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald) Ansteorra 1/06
Michael D. McGuffin (Master Michael of Brecon) An Tir 1/06
Krysta McGuire (Viscountess Krysta MacIntyre) Atenveldt 1/06
Christopher T.C. (Lord Madoc Arundel Miller) East 1/05
Michelle Moll (Viscountess Moria the Black) Ealdormere 7/05
E. F. Morrill (Viscount Edward Zifran von Gendy) East 1/05
Scot Myers (Master Bran Trefonnen) Atlantia 1/06
Beth Patchett (Viscountess Rylyn Buchanan, OP) Ealdormere 1/06
Todd Perkins (HL Daffyd ap Owain ap Cadel Caer yn Arfon) Calontir 7/04
George Reed (Master Aaron Faheud Swiftrunner of the Stone Keep) Middle 1/05
Shawn Reed (Mistress Stephanie of Nethyrwoode) Meridies 1/06
Kevin Schooler (Lord Sylverstone the Traveler) An Tir 1/06
Margaret Silvestri (Duchess Megan nic Alister of Thornwood) West 1/06
Vincent Stewart (Baron Yusuf Ju?bar al Timbuktuuwi) An Tir 1/06
Gabrielle Underwood (Baroness Adrielle Kerrec) Ealdormere 7/06
Caroline Walsh (THL Roslyn McLaren) Meridies 1/06
Tonessa West Crowe (Duquessa Isabella of York) East 7/06
Blair Wettlaufer (Brand Thorwaldsson) Ealdormere 1/06
Carolyn Zitny (Baroness Cara Michelle DuValier) Caid 1/06

Comments should be sent to comments@sca.org (posting comments on SCAtoday.net does not guarantee that the Board will see them).