Musketeers Buried in Dutch Garden?

An unassuming Dutch garden may be the final resting place of seven musketeers according to the town of Maastricht police, who have handed the investigation over to the experts. The Dutch town of Maastricht has been the site of battles since Roman times, so the discovery of seven skeletons buried in a garden did not raise many eyebrows, but these remains may be special. Could these be the skeletons of musketeers? The possibility exists since the town was the site of the 1673 siege by the French in which fictional musketeer D'Artagnan was killed.

"Specialists are determining how long the bodies have been there," a police spokesman said Tuesday.

Until the age of the remains is determined, no one will know for sue whether a real D'Artagnan and his fellows are buried here.

Thanks to Zachariah von Marksburgh for submitting the story.