Drachenwald Seeks Seneschal for Southern Region

THL Barcsi Janos, Chatelain of Drachenwald, announced yesterday that Drachenwald is seeking a Seneschal for the Southern Region. In a message from the Drachenwald list, His Lordship Barcsi wrote:

"I have been commissioned by His Lordship Etienne, Seneschal of our Fair Realm, to advertise a position vacancy for the Seneschal for the Southern Region.

This person will be responsible, as Southern Regional Seneschal, for activities in Spain, Italy, the Balkans, South Africa, and the Middle East, as well as surrounding areas as they become active. This person will be responsible for gathering reports from shire and other branch officers, supervising them, making recommendations regarding the establishment and advancement of branches, and administering of the region.

Persons interested in the position should send their names and pertinent information on their accomplishments and potential for the job to me at chatelain@drachenwald.sca.org Membership status, including date of expiration, must be included.

Do not send them to the Kingdom Seneschal, whose mailbox is sufficiently full already.

Please ensure the subject line contains phrases such as Southern Seneschal or Regional Seneschal so it doesn't wind up in the trash. There is no specified format for applications for the job. Recommendations for others are also welcome (if they are willing to accept the position).

This notice may be translated into other languages to ensure maximum distribution; however, applications and recommendations must be in English. Feel free to forward this list, as needed, to ensure everyone gets to see it who may be interested.

Applications and recommendations should be sent to me no later than 1 December 2002. Applications received after that date, or sent to anyone other than the undersigned, may be ignored. It is His Lordship's intent to place someone in the position as soon after 1 December as possible."

Questions may be directed to chatelain@drachenwald.sca.org