Email List Offered to SCA Technical Community

Isn't it amazing how many computers are used to re-create the Middle Ages? The SCA-Geeks list is for general discussion about technical topics related to the SCA. The purpose of this list is to allow techies in the SCA to discuss topics that are fun for us but off-topic for most other SCA lists, and of little interest to most nontechnical SCA folk.

This list is intended to be operating-system agnostic; we all have our preferences, but this is not an advocacy forum. Share your tips and ideas about whatever hardware and software you prefer, or ask questions. Opinions about different systems are welcome, in response to questions about "what should I use?", but please keep the tone civil and professional.

To learn more about the new email list, or to subscribe to the list, click on the headline above. The publicly-readable archives for the list (currently almost empty, since it's a new list) will be here:

This new list joins the existing list, which is provided to allow SCA-related merchants to reach participants who specifically subscribe themselves and who wish to receive SCA-related email advertisements. Information about the Commercial list is here: