AnTir Chirurgeons Gather for Conference

Chirurgeons from the Kingdom of AnTir gathered recently at the home of Lady Laurin of Rosewood for the First Semi-Annual AnTir Chirurgeon Conference to discuss the topic "What to Do When A Fighter Goes Down." Lady Laurin of Rosewood writes:

(Vancouver, Washington)

In a sunny glade in the Barony of Stromgaard in the Kingdom of AnTir, a small gathering of chirurgeons, marshals, and populace assembled for the First Semi-Annual AnTir Chirurgeon Conference on Saturday, April 24, 2004.

Hosted by Lady Annelise von Aachen, Master Chirurgeon, and Lady Laurin of Rosewood (at her home), speakers included HL Tvorimir Danilov, Master Chirurgeon (Kingdom Deputy Chirurgeon), HL Kira Baranova (Kingdom Waterbearer), Lady Annelise (Stromgaard Baronial Chirurgeon), and Master Gabriel MacFarlane, Master Chirurgeon.

The overall topic of the conference dealt with "What to Do When A Fighter Goes Down."

HL Mir talked about overall kingdom issues, such as recertification and warranting, apprentice chirurgeons, the logistics of staffing chirurgeon points (particularly at large kingdom events), and tips and hints for what to do when calling EMS. Lady Annelise dealt comprehensively with heat-related injuries, such as sunburn, cramping, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. HL Kira talked about the care and watering of fighters, including sanitation issues, keeping equipment clean and fighters/populace healthy, appropriate foods that could be handed out by waterbearers, and recommendations to make if a fighter becomes impaired. Master Gabriel (a warranted heavy and rapier marshal) dealt with types of injuries incurred in fighter for both heavy and rapier, how to assess the injured, and when appropriate to remove armor for assessment and treatment.

Afterwards, an open forum was available to address concerns of the those assembled. Topics discussed included tourney season preparedness, expiration dates, what to do when a call goes bad (debriefing), and chirurgeon how-tos and hints.

Lady Laurin of Rosewood