Trick or Treat SCA-Style

For SCAdian children around the world, trick or treating is just another chance to wear garb. Branwen ferch Katerin, a ten-year-old holder of the Midrealm's "Dragon's Treasure" award, used her imagination to take trick-or-treating one step beyond the realm of Muggles. The holder of the Dragon's Treasure Award since the age of five, ten-year-old Branwen was quite blase about her Trick or Treat preparations. Her mother, Katerin ferch Gwenllian of the House of the Three Roses writes:

At her own request, (Branwen) was dressed as a 'medieval girl' in kirtle, sideless surcote, and a voluminous, fur-lined cloak. Of course, she got quite a few inquiries of 'Oh, are you a princess?' along with the standard 'What are you, honey?' and she began working up a schtick in response. By the time we had made it all the way around the block, it went something like this:

'I'm a kid from the 14th century who got tossed through a time portal to the 21st century. It was a rough journey, but DEFINITELY worth it, this century is MUCH nicer! The lighting is much more convenient, but DEFINITELY the best part is the indoor plumbing. I don't even want to be REMINDED what it was like without it!'

Her grandmother and I were in stitches, as were all the neighbors handing out candy. You can take the kid out of the Current Middle Ages, but I guess you can't take the Current Middle Ages out of the kid.

Finding a costume is definitely easy for kids in the SCA, unless, of course, they'd rather be a fireman.

Reprinted by kind permission of the author, Lady Katerin ferch Gwenllian of the House of Three Roses, who lives and plays in the Barony of Cleftlands (modern-world Cleveland, Ohio).