Garick Von Kopke Wins Calontir Crown for Yasamin Al-Hadiyya

Duke Sir Garick Von Kopke defeated His Lordship Michael Nymandus in the final bout for the right to raise Viscountess Yasamin Al-Hadiyya as His Princess of Calontir. His Highness is a former King of both Drachenwald and the West, and Her Highness is a former Princess of Northshield. Both are residents of the Barony of Lonely Tower.

Thirty fighters had entered the Crown List, including five former monarchs and eleven members of the Chivalry.

The Barony of Coeur d'Ennui hosted the magnificent display of chivalry and skill-at-arms, as well as a sumptuous feast, on 1 May, AS XXXIX. The day was bright if chill at the Iowa 4-H Center, with a large assemblage gathered to witness the event.

Vivat Calontir!