Mel Gibson to Film Boudicca's "Passion"

Guardian Unlimited: Film maker Mel Gibson may follow up his "Passion of Christ" with an historical epic chronicling England's Queen Boudicca. Hollywood columnists have dubbed it "Braveheart with a Bra." Where do you find a subject to follow the passion of Christ? Mel Gibson, director of "Braveheart," may again be looking to British history for inspiration, this time in the form of Boudicca, the warrior queen who led her people against the Romans. Gibson's film is just one of several scheduled to be made about the female warrior, but is expected to garner the most attention. Others scheduled for filming are "Warrior Queen" from Paramount, by writer David Auburn, author of Proof, "Queen Fury" from Spielberg's Dreamworks and "My Country," by Laura Bickford, the producer of "Traffic." It seems the subject has truly caught the imagination of Hollywood.

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