AEthelmearc Crown Combatants Announced

Their Majesties Maynard and Christina, King and Queen of Aethelmearc, have announced the list of combatants for Their Crown Tournament to take place May 8, 2004 in Port Oasis (Huntington, WV) The list of combatants and consorts for the upcoming AEthelmearc Crown Tourney are as follows (in no particular order):

Combatant / Consort

* Yngvar the Dismal / Caryl Olesdattir
* Rurik Longsword / Angelique Chastellain de Beauvais
* Kadan Chakhilghan / Aleea Baga
* Malcolm MacEoghainn / Tessa the Huntress
* Duncan von Halstern / Ilish O'Donovan
* Jacques Chanson d'Osier / Alessandra Bentivegna de Faenza
* Vladisla Nikulich / Vlksha Iakovleva
* Robert of Burnhouse / Serena Lucia of the Peacemakers
* Marduke Inchmertyn / Liadain ni Dheirdre Chaomhanaigh
* Rian Gortyroyan / Jennet the Gentle
* Georg Eisenfaust / Anna Eisenkopf
* Havoc the Wild / Bronwyn MacFhionghuin
* Magnus de Cnoc an Iora / Gwendolyn the Graceful
* Bear the Wallsbane / Judith of Kirtland
* Ketil lod inkinni / Dyan of Caledonia
* Aengus MacBain / Yvianne de Castel d'Avignon
* William Fitz William / Mattea di Luna

Best of luck to all who compete!

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