Thorson Victorious in the East Kingdom's Crown Tournament

Sir Thorson, inspired by Baroness Svava, was victorious in the Kingdom of the East's May 1, 2004 Crown Tourney. Thorson and Svava are the new Prince and Princess of the East. His Highness hails from Mountain Freehold (Vermont), while Her Highness is from Stonemarche (New Hampshire). The semifinals consisted of Sir Gabriel against Thorson and Sir Balin against Viscount Karl von Sussen, while Sir Balin and Sir Thorson fought in the finals. The final consisted of a best three out of five using two-weapon, sword and shield, great sword, polearm, and ending with a fighter's choice.

Twenty-eight combatants took part in the Tourney, which was held in Ruantallan (Nova Scotia). Seventeen of the twenty-eight were unbelted fighters.

A hearty Huzzah for Their Highnesses Thorson and Svava.