Alaric Drake Triumphant in Ansteorran Crown Tourney

Ansteorra's fifty-first Crown Tournament was fought on a rainy day, but that did not dampen the valor of the contendors for the Crown. The day of Ansteorra's fifty-first Crown Tounament, held in the Barony of Ravensfort, began with the sounds of thunder as a heavy thunderstorm rolled in early that morning, dumping heavy rain on the site until well after noon.

The fighters, eager to compete for their chance to win the Crown, ignored the rain and fought valiantly on a field that went from being as slick as ice to ankle deep in mud. Throughout the day, the spirit of chivalry rang true, as the fighters helped their opponents up after all the frequent slips and falls.

From an opening field of twenty-six, Jarl Timo Miccalson (sp?), Earl Aaron McGregor, and Earl Alaric Drake made it to the finals. The final round was fought in a round-robin format to determine the next crown prince of Ansteorra.

Drake got the first point against Timo, then Timo and Aaron fought, but Aaron prevailed, eliminating Timo.

In the final pairing, Earls Drake and Aaron waged an epic battle that lasted almost 15 minutes, but Alaric Drake struck the final blow and earned his second reign as Ansteorra's King.

As an added note, Viscount Hightower received the King's Blade of Honor for exceptionally honorable and chivalous combat.

John Tygart
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