Atlantia Crown Tournament Combatants Announced

Dame Anne le Coeur, Seneschal for the Kingdom of Atlantia, has posted the list of combatants for the kingdom's Crown Tourney to be held May 1, 2004 in the Shire of Crannog Mor. Their Majesties Cuan and Padraigin, of the Kingdom of Atlantia, have announced Their list of combatants for the kingdom's May 1 Crown Tourney. The list was posted by Dame Anne le Coeur, the Kingdom Seneschal.

  1. Duke Olaf Askoldssonn
  2. Duke Badouin Mackenzie
  3. Count Havordh Aettarbani
  4. VisCount Axel of Tavastia
  5. Sir Godfried of Frisia
  6. Sir Otto von Schwartzkatz
  7. Master Valdemar Wendel Bayard
  8. Sir Morvran Corbet de la Flamme
  9. Sir Gunther Addis
  10. Sir Janos of Cyddlain Downs
  11. Master Bryce de Byram
  12. Sir Vladimir Ivanovitch Aleksandrov
  13. Sir Daemon Broussard
  14. Sir Thomas of Calais
  15. Master Kevin of Thornbury
  16. Sir Rodrigo Falcone
  17. Baron Jonathas Reinisch
  18. Baron Raven MacGregor
  19. THL Karl Haraldsson
  20. THL Susanna Grey
  21. THL Randall Sinclair Hawkins
  22. THL Brian Killian the Red
  23. THL Elizabeth of Rosewood
  24. Baron Achbar ibn Ali
  25. THL Marc d'Aubigny
  26. Lord Bryan of Sacred Stone
  27. Lord Sean Delamare
  28. Lord Jonathan Blackbow
  29. Lord Mungoe McKlinchy
  30. Lord Henry West
  31. Lord Abel Brem
  32. Lord Valen Ravenwood
  33. Lord Refkell Melrakki Einarsson
  34. Lord Ludovico il Corvo
  35. Lord William le Younger
  36. (No AoA) Olaf Wulfbrandt
  37. (No AoA) James Griffin
  38. (No AoA) Cerwynne ap Fhearghuis

Best of luck to all who will be competing.

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