Duct Tape: It Isn't Just for Armor Anymore

From the battlefield to the most formal court, duct tape is always appropriate - at least according to DucktapeClub.com. The Club, a site from Avon, Ohio's Henkle Group (formerly Matco Adhesives), features the annual Stuck At Prom contests, and the winners, along with their costumes, are profiled on the DuckTapeClub.com website.

The $2,500 cash prize winners receive is nice, but you do get the feeling that the challege of building their formalwear, particularly the period look-a-like costumes, becomes the focus of the project.

Stuck At Prom isn't the only contest The Club sponsors. Browsing the site, you'll find all sorts of silly stuff, with great cash prizes: Rock about the Roll, for songs about duct tape; Stuck in Traffic, for best car 'custom tape' jobs; adventure stories; Duck Tape as a global traveler and more - even best personal stories about duct tape. The site is a wildly original take on corporate promotions, focused primarly on the Manco brand Duck Tape duct tape.

Talk about bragging rights around the campfire: "This is my original epic poem on duct tape, with which I won the DucktapeClub.com contest..." There's no topping that -- at least not in the SCA.