Dante di Pietro to Test for Free Scholar Prize in Rapier

On Saturday, May 29, 2004 in the Barony of Caer Mear in the Kingdom of Atlantia, Lord Dante di Pietro will test his skill in the rapier list to hold the title of Free Scholar. Master Roland de Mounteney, Provost, writes:

To all whom these words reach,

Let it be known that Master Roland de Mounteney, Baron Aedan Aylwyn, and that nefarious Romani, erstwhile Honorable Lord Connor Levingstoune, do wish to recognize the hard work, performance in tournaments and general skill at arms of Lord Dante di Pietro, premiere member of the Order of the Sea Dragon, by testing his mettle on the field to find his worthiness as a Free Scholar and his right to bear the yellow scarf of the Academie.

As is custom with our Academie of Fence, one representative of the Provosts and all standing Freescholars are invited to come test his mettle in all manner of weapon. At least one representative of the Scholars will similarly be given the chance to test his arm. If time is permitting, others may be invited to join the fray, so all should attend and show your support!

This prize will be played on Saturday, May 29th at Sapphire Joust within the Barony of Caer Mear at approximately the 11th hour of the morning.

Come one and all to see Lord Dante show his worth!


Master Roland de Mounteney, Provost

(Rob Morgenstern - rmorgens@ieee.org)