Native Americans Refute Claim of Muslim Discovery of America

Washington Times: Audrey Shabbas, editor and author of the "Arab World Studies Notebook," has been forced to remove claims that Arab explorers were the first to discover the Americas. Peter DiGangi, director of Canada's Algonquin Nation Secretariat in Quebec, has forced author Audrey Shabbas to remove claims from his book the Arab World Studies Notebook that Arab explorers traveled to Canada before Christopher Columbus landed in the West Indies and influenced the naming of Indian tribes there. Shabbas claims that 17th century Algonquin chiefs bore names such as Abdul-Rahim and Abdallah Ibn Malik.

DiGangi, representing the Algonquin Nation, calls the claims "preposterous" and demanded their removal from the book. The Arab World Studies Notebook was written as a study guide for U.S. teachers.

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