Roman Trade Route May have Included Lost City of Muziris

Indolink: Archaeologists from Southampton University have discovered evidence of a Roman trade route to southwestern India and what may be the legendary city of Muziris. A team of archaeologists from England's Southampton University has only begun to investigate a site in southwestern India near Kerala. The discovery of 2,000-year-old Roman wine amphorae prove that trade existed in the area and researchers hope that the find may lead them to the legendary seaport of Muziris.

So far, much of the pottery from the area is of Asian origin but the handle and rim of one wine amphora may have traveled from Naples between late in the first century B.C.E and 79 C.E. when Mt. Vesuvius interrupted trade. It has been long believed that Romans traded for pepper with the city of Muziris, but no proof has been found. The new discoveries may bring the long-awaited evidence to establish the site of the city.

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