Missing Piece of "Boudica's Necklace" Found

Independent: A lost piece of an elaborate gold torc necklace has been unearthed on Norfolk farmland by amateur archaeologist Steve Hammond. The piece, found on the Sedgeford Hall Estate, is believed to be part of a torc discovered in 1965 by a farm worker in fields near the village of Sedgeford, now on display in the British Museum. "I did not realise how significant it was until I showed it to the site manager, who was gobsmacked," said Hammond, a retired chemist.

Since 1948, hoards of treasure containing 180 torcs and nearly 300 rings, bracelets, and coins have been discovered at Sedgeford. Norfolk was the heartland of Boudica's Iceni tribe, and some archaeologists believe that she had once owned jewelry found in the hoards at Sedgeford and Snettisham. While Boudica is described as having worn torcs, research has shown that most of the Norfolk torcs were buried two centuries before her lifetime.

To view items related to Boudica and her times at the British Museum, use the British Museum Compass: http://www.thebritishmuseum.ac.uk/ compass/index.html

A photo of the found piece can be found at The Sun's article, "He's a real Bo' Detecta!" (http://www.thesun.co.uk/ article/0,,2-2004181551,00.html)