"Jersey Revels" Will Highlight 800th Anniversary Celebration

This year Jersey will celebrate its 800th anniversary of loyalty to the Crown of England. A highlight of that celebration will be a three-day, re-enactment event at the medieval Gorey Castle. Matthieu Besquer writes"

The highlight of Jersey's 1204-2004, 800th Anniversary "Loyalty To The Crown Of England" Celebrations, will be the "Jersey Revels", a three-day Medieval Feste and re-enactment in and around the ancient Village, Harbour, and mediaeval Castle of Gorey, Jersey, in the British Channel Islands.

This spectacular all-Island celebration of what makes Jersey unique in the World is supported by the "Jersey Evening Post", the States Of Jersey {our internally independent Government], the Parishes of St Martin and Grouville, and Gorey businesses and residents.

The "Jersey Revels" have been planned for six years; and the organisers, the "Jersey Revels Board" - back by our Island's Government, - are calling on Islanders from all walks of life, businesses and the public sector, to take the opportunity to be part of the event. Islanders are being encouraged to attend the event in mediaeval costume themselves, - if they are able! to do so. The Island's Museum Service ["The Jersey Heritage Trust"] is sponsoring Workshops for the making of mediaeval Costumes, for those Islanders who do wish to make their own.

Many specialist UK re-enactors, traders and merchants have been invited to attend this event in our island of Jersey, and there will be - for example - twice-daily Jousting by the English re-enactment group "Conquest" in the 3000-seat Arena, as well as a twice-daily re-enactment of "The Baker Plot, 1494" - by Jersey's own mediaeval re-enactment "Companie of The Duke's Leopards" - who will be encamped nearby for the whole of the 3-days - displaying parts of Jersey's mediaeval 15th Century living-history through the medium of a "Hunting Camp". Visiting enthusiasts for these "Modern Middle Ages" who attend "in costume" will be welcomed at our Camp. There is also the rest of our largely-rural island to explore.

We bid a formal invitation to residents of the SCA Kingdom of Drachenwald. Those who may wish to attend should - in the first instance contact our Council Members for further local details, - either at smnco37@yahoo.co.uk or at willjer@itl.net=20

Other English re-enactment groups/traders/merchants will be = appearing/performing on Castle Green and in the ancient Castle itself.

So that interested Subjects of your Kingdom may appreciate the atmosphere in which the Festival will take place, a small jpg file showing Gorey Castle can be seen at http://www.greydragon.org/images/Gorey%20castle.jpg

Additionally, it might be useful to know that our festival is very much in the spirit of the famous, long-established, biennial, Fete Des Remparts at the ancient walled mediaeval Breton town of Dinan - only 60 miles from Jersey, - and also being held this year, at the end of July. A few might even wish to extend their stay in the area and attend both events - which would make for an unforgettable holiday if they haven't already made holiday arrangements for 2004.

It would be wonderful to be able to welcome costumed mediaeval re-enactors from the SCA Kingdoms in our Camp and at the Event, - from the Continent, as well as from England.

In Service, Messire Matthieu Besquer
"The Duke's Leopards"
[aka: Julian Wilson, Historian, Artisan, and re-enactor]
in "olde" Jersey [C.I., U.K. -NOT in the United States!]