Calontir's Myths & Legends Autocrat Announces Site Change

Caitilin inghean Aohda, Co-Autocrat for Calontir's Myths & Legends event to take place May 8, 2004 in Loch Meadhonach in the Kingdom of Calontir, has announced a change of sites. Caitilin inghean Aohda Co-Autocrat for Loch Meadhonach's Myths & Legends, writes:

Hi Everyone!

We have had to change site due to an unresolvable conflict. The new site for our event on May 8th will be the fairgrounds in Emmetsburg Iowa. Directions are as follows:

From the South: Take your best route to Highway 4 heading north into Emmetsburg. When you get to Emmetsburg, turn left (west) onto 21st street and go four (4) blocks to Madison Street and the fairgrounds.

From the East or West: Take your best route to Highway 18 into Emmetsburg. Turn south onto Broadway Street (otherwise known as Highway 4) follow through town to 21st Street. Turn right (west) onto 21st Street and go four (4) blocks to Madison Street and the fairgrounds.

We used the fairgrouds 2 years ago for the wedding event and there will be signs posted so watch for them!

Other information about the event:

We still need someone to be the List Mistress (or the male equivilent). Our group unfortunately isn't large enough to accomodate this position so if anyone who will be attending the event would like to volunteer please contact me.

We will be having Arts and Sciences Competitions. However there will be a seperate post from the coordinator.

There will be crash space, and depending on weather possible camping, for those who would wish to drive up on Friday. Contact Simone de Mares (email address in the event flier in the Mews).

One more thing and then I'll be quiet. Please cross post this to whatever groups you're on so the information will be received by all. We will also post directions at the school just in case some people don't get the site change

So now that I'm done pouring all this into words.....Come to the far reaches of Calontir and have a blast with us!

In Service,

Caitilin inghean Aohda