Crown Tourney List Announced for Northshield

Participants for the first Crown Tournament of the soon-to-be Kingdom of Northshield have been announced. The Stellar Heirs Hrodir and Giulia of the Principality of Northshield have announced the list of participants for the upcoming Northshield Crown Tournament to be held May 8, 2004 in the Barony of Windhaven. Northshield will become the SCA's 18th kingdom October 16, 2004 at Silfren Mere in Rochester, Minnesota.

The combatants and those who inspire them will be:

* Tarrach Alfson for Banjarla Fina Ingen Aeda
* Lars Wolfsblut for Mary of Carrigart
* Durand Fitz Robert for Rhioghnach O Cathsaigh
* Gaius Niklos for Aramanthra the Viscious
* Lachlan Macdougal for Ceara Macdougal
* Riocard Mac Lughaidh for Lynn Lee Mac Lughaidh
* Siegfried von Kulmbach for Briedei nic Gillechattan
* Kitakaze Raito for Aesa Gilsdottir
* Adrien de Troyes for Josceline Levesque
* Vladimir Radescu for Petranella Fitzallen of Weston
* Markus leorhals Siggardsson for Lyneya ingen A'eda
* Sigrid de la Mare for Alasdair Calum Montegomery
* Kindorn Broadbelt for Cassandra of the Western Green
* Lyulf Angus Macdougal for Taryn Mauve MacTavish
* Leif Haakonson (Gray Fox) for Astrid of the Yellow Rose
* Svein Tunheim for Cairstiona MacRorie of Loch Sterness
* Tashfin Al-Bawwab Abdul-Muzil for Karma Al-Janna