DNA Shows Scots and English Only Distantly Related

A new DNA study shows that genetic differences between Scots and the English may be greater than expected. Stephen Oppenheimer, a professor at Oxford University, says that new genetic evidence shows that there may be a much greater difference between the Scots and the English than previously thought. According to Oppenheimer, the Celts descended from people who lived on the Atlantic Coast, while the English are much more closely related to the Germanic Anglo Saxons. He also feels that the split between the Scots and the English occured over 10,000 year ago, much earlier than previously believed.

"The English are the odd ones out because they are the ones more linked to continental Europe," says Oppenheimer. "The Scots, the Irish, the Welsh and the Cornish are all very similar in their genetic pattern to the Basque."

Oppenheimer's theory is put forward in his book, The Real Eve: Modern Man's Journey Out Of Africa.

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