Warrior's Grave May Lead to Druid Discoveries

Last year's discovery of the 2000-year-old grave of a warrior may lead to more finds, including, archaeologists hope, an ancient Druid holy site. Last year, archaeologists in Scotland discovered the grave of a warrior who died in battle 2000 years ago and was buried with spear, sword, scabbard, and rings on his toes. Now they hope that this find will lead to more discoveries, in particular, a Druid holy site.

Susan Mills of Glasgow University was one of the researchers who discovered the site, along with a Bronze Age burial site nearby where other graves and ceremonial objects were found. "It is not just chance that this warrior was buried in such close proximity to the Bronze Age burial ground," said Mills. "What is unique is that this site seems to span more than 1500 years, and those within it seem to have had considerable wealth."

Marshill, the site of the discoveries, would have been an ideal site for pagan ceremonies, according to the experts, because it was located on high ground and could have been seen from miles around.

More information is scheduled to be revelaed shortly in an article for Current Archaeology.

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