Tina Chancey to Join Blackmore's Night

Early muscian Tina Chancey, known to many in the Kingdom of Atlantia, will become the newest member of Renaissance rock band Blackmore's Night. SCAtoday.net staff reporter Karen Larsdatter has the details. Tina Chancey has traded her rebec for rock gamba; she's the newest member of Blackmore's Night, the renaissance/ rock band founded by former Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore.

Blackmore has always had a secret interest in early music, and he started Blackmore's Night in 1997 as a lark with his wife, singer and former model Candice Night. No one was more surprised than they were when the band took off; with a hot new CD, this summer they're touring Russia, Japan, Germany and Turkey.

Chancey has always had a secret interest in rock, and when Blackmore put out a call for a violinist who also played recorder, rauschpfife and gamba she jumped on board. She bought a purple electric viola da gamba (renaissance bowed guitar), is growing her hair long to suit the band's 'roving players' image, and describes the learning curve as 'more than steep, almost vertical'.

TO MEET CHANCEY (whose stage name will be Tudor Rose) and hear what she can offer to the group, come to her May Day string thing, VIBRATING VIELLES, with guest, West Coast omni-musician Shira Kammen. Vielles are medieval fiddles that vibrate, sway, gasp & jingle in the hands of these two marvelous maniacs. Medieval, renaissance, Irish, Sephardic, Breton, Appalachian, Balkan music; its all fair game! They'll play early and traditional fiddles from all over, from the Turkish kamenj to the 18th century French pardessus, with a special peek at the new electric gamba (one of two in the US).

The concert takes place Saturday, May 1, 2004 at 8 pm, at the Rosslyn Spectrum, Wilson Blvd. and North Kent St., Rosslyn, VA (1611 North Kent St.). The Metro stop is Rosslyn, and there is free garage parking. Tickets are $20/$10 for students and fixed income. WEAR RENAISSANCE GARB AND TAKE $5 OFF YOUR TICKET PRICE! Contact Hesperus, ScottReiss@cs.com

Or email TinaChancey@cs.com &emdash; she can arrange for tickets for $10 each for groups of 20 or more.