Australian Legislators Continue to Debate Sword Issue

Master Delbert von Strassburg, Seneschal of the Kingdom of Lochac, has addressed the continuing issue of the legality of carrying swords in Lochac in a recent post to the Lochac list. Master Delbert writes:


Weapons Legislation is back on the agenda, not only in Victoria but also NSW and Queensland. Queensland have recently changed various regulations classifying swords as controlled weapons, and increased some penalties but have not listed them as prohibited as yet. We are continuing to liaise with the various justice departments but so far it appears that SCA members will at least be mostly exempt from sword prohibitions.

I am making the following recommendation to all SCA folks in all states of Australia:

* When you are carrying swords (eg: to and from training), whether they are SCA swords, blunt ceremonial swords, knights' swords, etc, please carry either your SCA membership card or your SCA fighters' authorisation card with you at all times.

* If you do not have a fighter authorisation card yet and are not a member, then please ask your local marshal for a fighter-in-training card. These can be issued for a period of one year by any authorised marshal. Marshals, if you need these cards please contact either Daemon Morrison or Margie of Glen More who can get you copies.

* Be prepared to explain to any member of the police force that the SCA is a medieval history group, that you are carrying the swords for historical and recreational purposes, where you are going, what time training starts and finishes, and some details about what you do with your swords.

* The police are generally aware of the existence of historical reenactment groups, and aware of the types of activities that we do. Don't treat them like idiots.

* Don't carry weapons of any kind about your person or in your car when you are not going out for SCA / historical purposes. Leave them at home unless you are going to or from training or an event.

Master Delbert von Strassburg
Seneschal, Kingdom of Lochac
Society for Creative Anachronism Australia