Photos from Golden Seamstress Competition Online

Elynor Grey of the Barony of Cynnabar (Ann Arbor, MI), documented the recent Quest for the Golden Seamstress Competition. Her photo album is available online. What's a Golden Steamstress and why is there a quest for one? A Golden Seamstress is an A&S competition, where contestants create an entire outfit &emdash; from the skin out &emdash; in just one day (11pm Friday night through 6pm Saturday evening).

Photos taken by Elynor Grey of the Barony of Cynnabar in the Middle Kingdom show both the process and the completion of the competition.

Click the headline above to see the photo album.

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Another Photo Album
(Thanks to Nicolaa for providing this link)

Not in Ealdormere

I would have emailed rather than done it this way, but I can't seem to find any address to send corrections to- the Golden Seamstress competition in this story is not Ealdormere's. (unfortunately, I can't say where it took place)

Bantiarna Medb ingen Dungaile (member of the Advanced Post-1300 AD winning team)

Re: Not in Ealdormere

That's odd...the web site in the "other photo album" link distinctly says it's Ealdormere.

Are there more than one of these contests at this time of year? Perhaps we have two photo albums linked that aren't really related.

By the way, emails about stories on the wire can be sent to our Managing News Editor, Milica of Varna or to me, Justin .

Midrealm, Roaring Wastes put it on

Midrealm, Roaring Wastes put it on, and I'd really like to know if they're going to do it again...