Hewlett-Packard Posts Vatican Treasures Online

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Computer giant Hewlett-Packard is working with the Vatican to put selected treasures from the Apostolic Library online. Scholars from around the world will flock to the Vatican's website to inspect the treasures being made available through the partnership of the Vatican and Hewlett-Packard. The computer company donated hardware as well as consultants for the program which involved scanning selected documents previously only available to church scholars.

Items to be included in the collection were chosen by Vatican officials and include portions of the rare "B Codex Vaticanus," hand-written letters by Michaelangelo and Martin Luther, and works of art. Anthony Tambasco, professor of theology at Georgetown University, commented that some of the collection was "frustratingly limited," containing only a page or two of the work. Most materials are in Italian.

H-P and the Vatican plan to add to the collection. "This is just the rollout," said H-P spokesman Alison Connor. "They are just scratching the surface."