Amesbury's Bronze Age Archer

ARCHAEOLOGY: One of the richest Early Bronze Age burial sites was discovered near Amesbury, England, not far from Stonehenge. The 4, 300-year-old grave has been found to contain 100 artifacts. This is far above the normal 3-10 artifacts usually found in similar burial sites, making this grave a treasure trove. "His mourners had access to more material goods than anyone of this time that we have ever seen before," Andrew Fitzpatrick, the project manager for Wessex Archaeology, said. "Some of them are rare and exotic things."

The remains are thought to be an archer due to the stone arrowheads and wrist-guards found in the grave. Other than the fact he was between 35 and 50 years of age when he died, there are few clues to help with further identification. Information about the artifacts are available, as well as a link to Wessex Archaeology's Amesbury Archer website.