Calontir Award Artwork Available

THL Toli the Curious of Barony of Mag Mor has made available downloadable images of Calontir's award heraldry. When it was announced recently that Their Majesties of Calontir were short of award medallions, HL Toli the Curious did his part to help. Both line drawings and color renderings are now available in PDF format, based on a 2" round. These images may be reprinted.

Toli offers these suggestions for viewing and printing the images:

"While viewing a pdf with Acrobat Reader in Internet Explorer, print but uncheck the 'Fit to page' then go into 'Properties' and take the 'Advanced' tab. Change the 'Scaling' percentage under 'Graphic.' It will remember the changes so you probably will want to change those settings back after printing."

The URLs for the images are as follows: