Atenveldt A&S Collegium Court Report

Baroness Katherine of Cate Hall, Atenveldt Kingdom Scribe, reports on court proceedings at the recent Kingdom Arts and Sciences Collegium hosted by the Barony of Mons Tonitrus. Baroness Katharine writes:

Kingdom Arts and Sciences Collegium, hosted by the Barony of Mons Tonitrus, was a rousing success with attendance in excess of 334 paid adults. The classes were varied, interesting and many!

A light repast of soup, bread and fresh vegetables was served by the hardworking baronial crew. I had the Lentil and Vegetable soup and it was delicious. I think every last drop of soup was eaten by a crowd more than twice the size they had expected. Fortunately, there were restaurants nearby so I doubt anyone went hungry!

After the classes had finished for the day, court was held in the atrium of college library. The autocrats of the event received a rousing and well deserved ovation. I had the pleasure of explaining what was going on to my mother, who is 88 years old. She had come to Estrella War with me, but this was her first court, and she had a bit of difficulty figuring out who everyone was. She cheered enthusiastically, however, as the awards were given.

Master Sylvanus Sutherland,(Baroney of Atenveldt) was recognized for his artistic efforts, and made a Companion of the Flower of the Desert as was Lady Ilora von Neunhoff (Barony of Tir Ysgathir)

Gwyn ap Llewellyn (Barony of SunDragon) received his Award of Arms and Cainneth MacFie (Barony of Mons Tonitrus) also received an Award of Arms, to great applause, for his work for the Barony, especially his work as youth minister.

Lady Sabrina Morna (BMT) was recognized for her special skill in enameling and praised for her wonderful teaching of her art. The Book of the Chivalry, made by the Bedlam Bookbinders, was displayed to show how this lady's teaching had inspired others! Lady Sabrina was created a Companion of the Fleur de Soleil.

Duke Aaron Graves enlarged the Companions of the Order of the Desert Pilgrim. His red phrygian cap could be seen even at the back of the crowd by those who applauded the recognition of his dedication to authenticty.

Banthegn Alianora da Lysharet, who had served two terms as Executive Assistant to the Main Autocrats of the Estrella War, and who is herself a Main Autocrat for Estrella War XXI, was made a Companion of the Order of the Star of the Desert, Argent, for her fine work.

The members of the Order of the Light of Atenveldt were called up, and Her Majesty turned to Lord Yehudah and asked him to give her his Light medallion. Though obviously puzzled, he complied with his Queen's request and his expression soon changed to wonder, delight and joy as Lady Agnes of Blackfeld, his wife, was called forward to receive the Light. Thunderous was the applause and thunderstruck was the lady when she heard her name called!

I'm a little blurry on the last part of court. Their Majesties had called the newcomers into court and welcomed them to Atenveldt as they usually do. After the awards had all been given, His Majesty called my mother into court as a newcomer. I was pleased that he had taken notice of her, because she really enjoys attention, and when she reached the presence, His Royal Highness Craven brought his chair out for her to sit in so she could have a "ringside seat." I was still clueless when His Majesty asked me to consider and give an answer, at Their final court, to Their Majesties offer of a Pelican. All I remember after that is trying to breathe, babbling and grinning. Many wonderful people offered me congratulations, but mostly the rest of the court was a blur. I probably looked as overwhelmed as I felt (and still feel!)

That is all I remember of court - if I've left anything out, will someone please fill it in?

I've since heard that Banthegn Alianora, Countess Golden Dragon was asked on Sunday to give an answer to Their Majesties question and offer of the Order of the Laurel!

I'm a happy, happy scribe!

Baroness Katharine of Cate Hall
Aten Signet

Republished by kind permission of the author.